Municipal Court

The goal of the municipal court is to fairly and impartially adjudicate traffic and misdemeanor cases, to effectively maintain information and records concerning said cases, and to assist citizens in the resolution of cases, protection of their rights, and understanding of the municipal judicial system.

General Information

For reinstatement of driving privileges, contact the Alabama Department of Public Safety Drivers License Division at 334-242-4400.

State Certified Defensive Driving School is held the second, third, and fourth Monday of each month at the Senior Activity Building on Broad Street from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Cost varies with each court. Call 256-549-4595 to schedule a class. A judge's order is required.

Traffic Fines in Gadsden

Many Traffic fines may be paid without a court appearance, prior to the court date. The following is a partial list of fines and court costs.

TicketFineCourt CostTotal
Child restraint$25$170$195
Running red light$20$155$175
Running stop sign$20$155$175
Seat belt$25$16$41
Speeding (less than 25 mph)$20$155$175
Speeding (over 25 mph)$40$155$195


If you are found guilty of a charge, you have 14 days from the date of the judgment to appeal your case to Etowah County.


Resisting Arrest$332
Disorderly Conduct$332
Public Intoxication$332
Domestic Violence$332
Assault 3rd$332
Criminal Trespass$332
Criminal Mischief$332
Giving False Information$332
Harassing Communications$332
Reckless Endangerment$332
Theft 4th$332
UPM 2nd$472