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Pitman Theatre

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Max Occupancy 300


  1. Chairs (optional)
  2. Concert Venue
  3. Electricity
  4. Free Parking
  5. Linen Tablecloths ($4.00 Add-on)
  6. Marquee ($25.00 Add-on)
  7. Portable Wall Partitions
  8. Restrooms (optional)
  9. Running Water
  10. Sound System (optional)
  11. Stage (optional)
  12. Tables (optional)
  13. WiFi

    The Pitman Theatre is a multi-functional rental facility, available to the community for a variety of functions. Its history, however starts in the 1947.

   Designed by Birmingham based architect David O. Whilldin, the Pitman opened in 1947. Its first showing was "Slave Girl", starring Yvonne de Carlo. One of the Pitmans main luxuries was that it had air-conditioning, a luxury back then.

    After it opened, it began a friendly rivalry with the Princess Theatre, also on Broad Street. The rivalry ended on November 4, 1963 when the Princess was destroyed by a fire. In 1963, it hosted actors Mary Badham and Phillip Alford at the premier of "To Kill A Mockingbird". In January of 1981, it reduced to weekend showings, and on October 2, 1983, it closed its doors for good. 
    The City of Gadsden purchased the theatre on September 25, 1986, after the owner, C.S. Pitman, passed away. After sitting vacant for 11 years, efforts were begun to restore the building. In 2010, the lower level was completed, and the theatre was opened to the public as a multifunction community center.

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 Rates/Other Charges
  • $400/6 hour block
  • $700/All Day
  • $100/4 hour day before

  • Seats up to 250
  • 6 hour block will be made during hours of 8a-2p or 6p-midnight
  • All day rentals will be 8a-midnight
  • Cleaned up and out by designated time
  • Person renting responsible for set-up and clean-up of trash
  • Damage deposit of  $200 required for ALL bookings
  • One side free with rental
  • Second side is $25.00 a day w/ a 3 day minimum

  • $4.00 (tablecloths/each)
  • Banquet (54x120)
  • Round (90x90 square)

  • $25.00/hr
  • (3) hour minimum

  • $50.00 projector and screen rental          

Commercial  Rate
  • $500/6 hour block
  • $800/All Day
  • $200/4 hour day before
  • 6 hour bookings will be made during hours of 8a-2p or 6p-midnight
  • All day bookings will be 8a-midnight
  • $100.00/hr for extra time
  • $200 damage deposit for ALL bookings

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