The Legal Office’s Goal

The goal of the Legal Department is to provide professional legal services on a timely basis and in a responsive manner to all clients: the City of Gadsden, the governing body, elected officials, directors, and employees and to communicate in a professional manner with the public.

Clients Served

The Legal Department provides a broad range of legal services to the City of Gadsden, the Industrial Development Board of the City of Gadsden, Etowah Gadsden Health Care Authority, and the Public Building Authority.

The department provides legal advice and consultation to city officials, employees, boards, and agencies. The city attorney represents the city in litigation and provides legal advice and representation to the elected officials and all city departments. The Legal Department drafts ordinances and resolutions for the City Council, as well as contracts and property transactions involving city-owned property.

Legal Department Staff

The department consists of one full-time attorney, one full-time Paralegal and one part-time Legal Secretary. Outside private legal counsel are retained to defend claims and suits against the city when there is a conflict or additional expertise is needed. Worker's compensation matters are handled by outside attorneys through the risk management section of the Personnel Department.

The city employs an outside attorney, Garry Tucker, to prosecute misdemeanor and traffic violations in Gadsden Municipal Court and on appeals in Etowah County Circuit Court, as well as to the state appellate courts in Montgomery. The Prosecutors office consists of the City Prosecutor, one full-time Legal Secretary and one part-time Legal Secretary. From time to time the city retains other attorneys to assist in criminal prosecutions.

The City of Gadsden does not prosecute felonies and violations issued by a deputy sheriff or state trooper. Those prosecutions are handled by the Etowah County District Attorney, whose office is locate in the Etowah County Judicial Building, 801 Forrest Avenue. The Etowah County district attorney's office can be reached by calling 256-549-5362.

The attorneys in the Legal Department are prohibited from providing legal services or advice to private individuals.